Discover the Heart of Whitehall and Nunica, MI, Home of New Standard

New Standard is not just a dispensary; it is a cornerstone of the community. Nestled in the enduring, vibrant communities of Whitehall and Nunica, MI, our operations are deeply interwoven with the local life and spirit.

Whitehall, draped by the whispering leaves of ancient trees and bordered by the serene White Lake, is a town where the beauty of nature meets tranquility. Its status as an outdoor recreational hotspot is paired with robust local businesses, including the vibrant presence of New Standard.

In Whitehall, a day might start with a leisurely walk along the Lake Michigan beach, followed by a visit to our famed dispensary. Our exceptional product range marries perfectly with this unhurried, appreciative atmosphere Whitehall exemplifies.

Just a few miles south lies Nunica, another jewel in our community. Here, Nunica combines a peaceful rural setting with close-knit community bonds and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Nunica locals have found that their relaxed lifestyle is complemented perfectly by New Standard’s personalized, knowledgeable service.

New Standard enriches these communities with quality, value, and outstanding service while actively engaging in local initiatives and development progress. We’re not just offering products, but becoming a beloved element of the locale; a place synonymous with relaxation, enjoyment, and quality.

By bringing New Standard to Whitehall and Nunica, we’ve anchored our shared value for community engagement, excellent service, and premium products rooted in the radiant beauty of Michigan. Feeling adventurous? We warmly invite you to explore these communities and visit a New Standard dispensary today. See for yourself how perfectly we’ve integrated into these lovely towns.

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