About New Standard Grand Haven

Established in Grand Haven, MI, New Standard Grand Haven is recognized as a premier dispensary, offering a wide variety of top-quality products. This locally owned business was opened with a mission to redefine the cannabis retail experience, creating an exceptional and educating journey for every visitor.

Providing Unrivalled Product Choice

From the connoisseur to the curious, New Standard Grand Haven caters to all levels of experience. Committed to quality, they stock an impressive selection of the finest locally-grown cannabis products. Each product undergoes a rigorous evaluation process to ensure its meets the New Standard for quality, safety and effect. Whether it’s recreational or medicinal, customers can count on New Standard Grand Haven for unparalleled variety and expert assistance.

Education and Community Commitment

Not just a dispensary, New Standard Grand Haven is committed to uniting and educating the community about the benefits of cannabis. They host regular seminars, workshops, and events, empowering people to make informed decisions about cannabis use. By fostering a warm, welcoming and stigma-free environment, New Standard Grand Haven is truly setting a ‘new standard’ in cannabis retail.

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