Why Visit ‘Codes – Macon, MO’ for Your Recreation Needs?

Welcome to our little corner of the state, where we breathe in the sweet, aromatic (and perfectly legal!) scent of medical marijuana in Macon, MO. We’re about as ‘green’ as a town gets – mostly thanks to our local company – ‘Codes’.

World-class Cannabis Dispensary in Macon, MO

If you’re not familiar with Codes, picture a candy shop for grown-ups. But instead of jawbreakers, you’ll find sativa and indica strains. Instead of lollipops, there are cannabis-infused treats that will introduce your taste buds to a whole new world. And yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.

We’ve got all your recreational dispensary needs covered, whether you’re a local or just stopping by. At Codes, the term “locally-sourced” doesn’t just apply to restaurants or farmer’s markets– So why not take a break from your journey and soak up the ambiance of our Recreational Marijuana and Recreational Dispensary delight.

Find a Recreational Dispensary Near You Today

If you’re looking for a laugh, some relaxation, and a memorable addition to your Missouri journey, step into Macon’s number one recreational dispensary near you – ‘Codes’. We promise you’ll leave with a smile, and a newfound appreciation for our unique blend of merriment and quality service.

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