The “High” Demand for a Cannabis Dispensary in Sandwich, MA

If you’ve been looking for a line of greenery that’s worth more sniffing than the usual scenery in Sandwich, MA you’re in luck. In Good Health is seeking approval to open a cannabis dispensary in town! No, we’re not talking about another deli.

Why Sandwich, MA, you ask?

Because, nothing’s as delightful as a fat sandwich in Sandwich, MA. Except maybe a cannabis sandwich from In Good Health. It’s the perfect blend of irony and reality. Forget the munchies, we’re about to bring change to the very sandwich game!

Think about picturesque outings at the Sandwich boardwalk with a new kind of sandwich in hand. Still scared of whales? Try In Good Health’s cannabis. At our prospective new outlet in Forestdale, MA, you might even see a flying one!

Cannabis becomes local lore

In Good Health: aiding memory retention one cannabis sandwich at a time. The town sandwich just got ‘herbier’ and local conversations far more interesting. Our dispensary will soon be the top Sandwich, MA highlight, bolder than green glass bottles or the town’s antique charm. Remember us, we change history the fun way.

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