High Fun at East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost…It’s No Bluff!

Welcome to the land of ganja and ale – the glorious East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost! Nestled in Kittery, ME, this outpost is truly a sanctuary for cannabis and craft beer enthusiasts. Who’d ever thought that the combination of Cannabis Dispensary Kittery and Craft Beer York Cliffs would create such a delightful aroma? Not your granny, that’s for sure.

Craft Beer and Cannabis? Yes, Please!

Heading across to York, we’ve got the baddest Beer Store this side of Eliot, ME. Rambling through Eliot without any craft beer? Stop! Our outpost has the beer cure that’ll quench your thirst like a summer rain. But remember, just like your last high school reunion, no event is complete without a dash of East Coast cannabis. Although, unlike that awkward reunion, you’re in for a fantastic time with us!

A Retail Adventure

By the time you return home from the East Coast Cannabis Kittery Outpost, you’ll have enough stories to turn your monotonous Monday office coffee breaks into high-voltage story times. How’s that for trading the ordinary with extraordinary?

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