Embracing the Seasons: Cannabis Cultivation and Consumption at New Standard Hazel Park

The Rhythm of Nature in Cannabis

At New Standard Hazel Park, we understand that the changing seasons play a crucial role in the world of cannabis. From cultivation to consumption, the annual cycle influences every aspect of our premium products. Let’s explore how seasonality affects our offerings and your experience.

Spring: A Time of Growth

As nature awakens, so does our cannabis cultivation process. Spring brings:

  • Preparation of outdoor growing areas
  • Germination of new seeds
  • Introduction of fresh strains to our selection

Summer: Peak Growing Season

The warm summer months are crucial for cannabis plants. During this time, we focus on:

  • Nurturing plants to their full potential
  • Monitoring for optimal harvest times
  • Developing new summer-inspired products
  • Fall: Harvest and New Arrivals

    Autumn is an exciting time at New Standard Hazel Park. We celebrate:

    • The annual harvest of outdoor-grown cannabis
    • Introduction of limited-edition fall strains
    • Preparation for the indoor growing season

    Winter: Innovation and Reflection

    The colder months allow us to:

    • Focus on indoor cultivation techniques
    • Develop new product lines for the coming year
    • Reflect on customer feedback and industry trends

    Visit our dispensary to explore our selection of premium cannabis products at New Standard Hazel Park. Experience the unique characteristics each season brings to our offerings, and discover why we’re committed to providing top-quality cannabis year-round.

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