Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle with Core Progression Personal Training

Core Progression Personal Training is more than just a regular fitness center – it is your ultimate personal health coach and partner. We launched in 2008 with a clear, ambitious aim: to offer the most comprehensive personal training service for fitness enthusiasts.

Your Fitness Goals, Our Priority

Dedicated to helping you unlock your fitness potential, we focus on a balanced approach to fitness. Unlike ordinary gyms, Core Progression believes in specialized, one-on-one training programs.

The Ultimate Training Experience

Experience our highly professional team, prepared to guide you each step of the way onto your fitness journey. We offer personalized workout routines, nutrition advice, and regular progress tracking that allow us to adapt your unique workout experience should your goals change.

The Core Progression Commitment

We’re committed to creating a supportive environment that encourages continuous growth and improvement. You’re not just another member at Core Progression – you’re a part of a community that values your health and success.

So, whether you’re starting anew or you’re an experienced fitness enthusiast, Core Progression is your destination for achieving your personal fitness goals.

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